July 2021

What made remote #designSprint a seamless experience?

Friday marks the fifth and final day of our #RemoteDesignSprint process with #LeaseTech Team.

And we are thrilled for the team to finally see some validation for their ideas for new product! Soon we will share the effects, now we put our prototype to the test by with 5 users to collect their feedback. We’re so happy seeing the remote [#designsprint] outcomes in the hands of their end-users and how our solution could impact their lives.

See what made this #designSprint a seamless experience:

➠ Well defined sprint questions and problem framing that helped us observe what matters most
➠ A ready-to-use Mural board for documenting thoughts and user feedback
➠ A well-prepared plan of workshop and interview script
➠ Great tech preparation and the right toolbox- tools become very important when running a remote Sprint

Want us to facilitate a remote design, strategy or innovation sprint for your team? Send us a message and check our effects of working with #DesignSprint.

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