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With RoboInvestment your customers can effectively grow their capital with minimal effort on your part. You simply provide them with ready-to-use investment products, while they ensure you a new source of revenue.

Enhance and elevate investing with RoboInvestment's innovative features

Raise your standards of customer relations and keep customers happy with RoboInvestment. Contented and impressed customers are the greatest advertisements.

Multi-portfolio approach

Users may have various portfolios and each one can be given specific parameters and customized to have a specific goal and history.

Unique portfolio risk profile

A risk portfolio profile may differ from an investor's normal activity, allowing a dynamic investor to create a conservative portfolio if desired.

Flexible plug-in solution

Fast and seamless implementation. RoboInvestment effortlessly connects electronic banking systems and brokerage systems.

Automatic strategy implementation

Once implemented, a strategy is closely monitored and updated on a regular basis, guaranteeing rapid response and security.

Simplify the investment process

Our breakthrough technology turns navigating the complex world of personal investments into a straightforward, enjoyable and rewarding experience.


This intuitive tool identifies a client's profile and proposes optimal, tailor-made solutions


The application delivers simple and clear-cut investment strategies


RoboInvestment engages clients directly by providing opportunities to alter strategies according to clients' aims


Strategy is implemented, tracked and re-balanced automatically

Passive investment on autopilot

Collected data feeds the investment engine and enables the development of a precise and coherent individual investment strategy. The selected approach is immediately implemented and constantly monitored, while portfolios are updated on a regular basis.

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