November 2019

A prime time for RoboInvestments

The introduction of artificial intelligence in place of human activity has opened the door to the creation of many practical tools facilitating daily operations. It is also enabling forward-thinking wealthtech to transform the financial industry, providing digital solutions in wealth management and investment processes. Robo-advisors, one of the most innovative automated services, are winning over investors, gaining trust and experiencing ever-increasing interest in their ever-developing capabilities.

New opportunities for the investment industry

It is little wonder that advisory solutions are attracting increasing interest, seeing that they operate in favor of both companies and clients. Employing advanced algorithms, they present practical solutions concerning investments to their users. It is a perfect solution for those who can’t afford a specialist’s advice, or for those who are just starting an adventure with investing, having minimal knowledge about it. What’s most important – robo-advisors don’t specialize only in investment opportunities. They expertly analyze goals, income and attitude toward risk, presenting an investment scheme perfectly tailored to an individual’s means and expectations.

Recently, the market in the Middle East has evolved towards developing and providing customers with online platforms and applications which are catered to supporting personalized investment. This trend has resulted in regulatory changes, coming into effect this year, which will likely trigger a breakthrough in this area. As robo-advisory makes inroads into the Middle Eastern market and is destined for growth, banks should consider establishing cooperation with fintech companies to take advantage of growing opportunities.

Driving forces of Robo-advisory

Robo-advisors play an increasingly important role in the world of investment advice and wealth management, being a faster, more efficient and convenient alternative to the traditional broker. Though the benefits are numerous, there are a few worth underlining:

  • For robo-advisors, limits to the number of managed clients do not exist, which is a distinct advantage over human investment managers. People are only able to daily address a finite number of issues, meaning their effectiveness is limited. Appropriate configuration allows for the increase of robo-advisor abilities depending on the demands and can escalate efficiency as a result.
  • The real-time ability of providing answers plays a key role. Collaboration with consultants might be time-consuming and the situation on financial markets changes rapidly. Robo-advisors can respond to those changes much faster than a human. Moreover, they are able to track portfolios around the clock, which increases the odds of investing cash deposits immediately.
  • Digital advisors analyze each case in a non-emotional way. They’re not biased and don’t receive any commission for selling a particular product. What’s also important, they’re not influenced by the stress connected with risk or fatigue at work. The risk of mistakes is significantly reduced.
  • Robo-advisors decrease operational costs, which makes them extremely desirable solutions for financial institutions. Automatization, decreased risk, no overheads connected with stationary branches and fewer advisors make robo-advisors’ services accessible to a broader audience.

These are just a few of the many advantages that robo-advisors present. Worth noting is the fact that robo-advisors, along with chatbots and other digital assistants, have an essential role in building customer experience and a positive brand appearance. Undoubtedly, robots will not completely replace humans as every customer presents different a profile, yet the ability of robo-advisors to support and enhance the investment process should not be underestimated.

Always ahead of customers’ needs

As opportunities on the investment market grow, Ailleron is ready to lead the way in providing the most cutting-edge, intuitive and user-friendly RoboInvestment platform. We want to give banks the possibility to offer their clients efficient investment tools. The aim of our RoboInvestment platform is to automate and simplify the investing process, save time and share knowledge. It eases portfolio creation and assures safe and profitable investing for retail clients. Moreover, with an implementation timeframe of only 3 months, financial institutions can swiftly and seamlessly add the  RoboInvestment platform to their digital offer.

RoboInvestment elevates customer journeys, leading clients through investing plans while communicating straightforward advice and dispensing clear explanations. For banks, it offers another source of revenue and contributes to building the reputation of a trustworthy institution with highly-developed fintech and dynamic vision. We’re aware of the fact that customer experience is becoming the critical factor of success, thus RoboInvestment’s aim is to raise standards of customer care, keep customers impressed and help them to achieve their investment dreams.

Tomasz Kowalczyk
General Manager Product Unit Robotic Investment Solutions
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