Serve all types of customers
with our Omnichannel Onboarding Platform

The Fintech platform that provides a complete and rewarding customer experience from the very first visit on a bank’s website to becoming a loyal customer.

Discover the power of smooth and effective customer acquisitions

Thanks to our unique, trailblazing platform, you can successfully attract and verify new clients, maintiaing complete control of the onboarding process.


Support for all available communication channels while combining their strengths to maxize the effectiveness of the onboarding process.

customer experience

Highly experienced across all available channels, this offer can be customized to meet specific needs and combines exceptional user interface with straightforward navigation, guaranteeing long-term customer relationships.


Impress customers with groundbreaking features like pre-accounts and fully automated eKYCs, which help to enhance a bank's image while also providing a competitive edge over banking rivals.


Omnichannel onboarding streamlines processes, which makes it possible for banks to form new relationships with customers in a straightforward, practical and convenient way. Authenticating and verifying customers remotely contributes to lower operational costs while increasing the conversion rate.

Effective customer acquisition

Thanks to the synergy of digital and human channels, customers can remotely check new banking offers, apply for products and ask for help with completing application forms.


90% of customers admitted that customer need surveys were very helpful

Strong support and advice for advisors in providing the best solutions builds positive customer experiences and encourages loyalty.

2 min to confirm customer identity

It takes less than 2 minutes to confirm identity of customer who filled application form. The check included biometrics, document authenticity and database verification.

0 min spent waiting in a queue at a branch

Increased customer satisfaction as a result of the convenience in scheduling meetings, increased access and time-saving procedures.

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