Mobile Token

Smartphone as a convenient authorization device

Mobile token transforms smartphones into a practical and effective banking solution

Our innovative application facilitates smooth implementation of two factor authentication and secure authorization while maintaining the high level of security of hardware tokens.

Transactions Authorization (online)

Every transaction requiring official authorization will generate a PUSH request to the mobile token, meaning the transaction will only be executed once the customer gives approval via smartphone.


Two factor login authentication to digital banking must be approved via smartphone, guaranteeing additional security and protection.

History of online authorizations

The application presents histories of recently performed authorizations along with their current statuses.


Token is customizable in terms of visual layout and language, may be modified with an additional security layer native to smartphones (fingerprint) and can be integrated into digital banking solutions as a stand-alone app or as part of a mobile banking application.

Security measures applied

Delivering user-friendly solutions while providing the highest levels of security. The most important security measures implemented in the application include:
Linking the mobile token with users' accounts in digital banking
Changeable protection PIN with variable length (eg. from 5 to 8 digits)
Optional use of biometrics instead of PIN (eg. fingerprint recognition)
Rooted / jailbroken device not supported
GUI ensures data protection provided in the app
Asymmetric encryption with complex algorithms and 4096 bit key
Panic button feature on the token facilitates a reset option

Mobile Token always supports e-banking users

Standalone or integrated

Standalone app or part of existing mobile banking app


The application is ingeniously designed to support multi language requirements

Easy and cheap distribution

Convenient and cost-effective distribution
out of the 10 biggest banks in Poland rely on Mobile Token
Positive impact on UX

As of May 2019 already 8 out of 10 biggest banks in Poland offered Mobile Tokens to their customers. Banks are actively encouraging their internet customers to switch from SMS passwords to mobile tokens aka mobile authorizations.

Customers’ reactions to mobile token has been positive as it eliminates the need to enter SMS passwords from smartphones into online banking sites.

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