Virtual Branch

The video, audio, text and chat omnichannel platform that supports the entire sales process and elevates client services.

Fully transactional digital workplace

LeaseTech Virtual Branch gives you the tools and means to launch your leasing process on multiple digital channels.


The virtual branch of a leasing company fills the gap between self-service channels and a visit to a branch. A fully automated communication path enables Virtual Branch to organize the sale of leasing products and services while supporting customer services.

Build unique leasing experiences

Learn about the wide range of Virtual Branch features. Create a superior digital experience, achieve exceptional results and deliver incomparable customer care.

A comprehensive service process

First-rate customer service from intial contact, through verification of the customer’s authenticity, to transaction authorization.


Full integration with leasing company processes and systems, such as CRM, customer service, front office sales platform, as well as authentication and authorization methods, Call Center, BPM etc.


Security of all sessions is a top priority for everyone. Our platform has been checked and validated by multiple audits conducted by our clients. HTML-5, HTTPS, SSL/TLS, AES with HMAC are just some of the technologies we use at Virtual Branch.


There are many reasons why every session should be recorded. With Virtual Branch, you can record video, audio, messages, collaboration, events and notifications-literally anything done during the session. Later, you can search and replay any recording

A unified form of contact

A uniform platform for handling all forms of contact like leasing companies’ portals, electronic customer service systems, branches and social media.

Interactive service

Intuitive and efficient service with the use of advanced cooperation mechanisms, such as screen sharing, co-browsing, document exchange and graphic tools.

Advantages for Leasing Companies

The LeaseTech Virtual Branch is specially designed to service a wide range of clients and leasing partners. Its numerous functions focus on providing reliable customer service or sales support, especially in the #stayathome time.

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