Offer Manager

Solution that can improve conversions of your offers and make your sales operations more efficient than ever before.


Nearly 70% of the leasing sales opportunities end at the offer stage.


Increase the conversion rate of submitted offers by a positive customer experience at the early stage of the relationship with the leasing company.

Who can benefit from Offer Manager?

Dealers and companies financing their sales with leasing
Leasing companies willing to acquire new sales channels for their customers
Customers wishing to access leasing services from their homes

Benefits for your company

Prospective customer
– real benefits

LeaseTech Offer Manager in 5 simple steps:

Individual calculation

While preparing an offer for a given prospective customer, an advisor chooses a sharing option in LeaseTech Offer Manager.
The customer receives a link and he can access its details on any device, whenever he wants.

Independent choice of the best offer

Portal is a place where a prospective customer can browse the details of the offers and compare the given calculations with each other.
The screens are designed to ensure maximum transparency and accessibility of the displayed information.

Data acquisition for risk assessment

When the customer chooses an offer, he can provide informations about his business. The Portal eliminates documents in paper, and the process itself becomes easy and simple.

Finalization of the transaction

The positive leasing decision causes the contents of the leasing agreement to be shared within the Portal. The prospective customer may sign it from his home with a digital signature. Should he have no such an opportunity, he can report that he is ready to sign the deal and book an appointment with an advisor.

First payment at hand

The last stage of the process is an option of making the initial payment with a quick payments option included in the portal.

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