Digital tool enabling the use of leasing
as a payment method for online purchases.

Leasing next to assets available online

Leasing offer should be located close to the items that might be financed that way. These places include online stores and e-commerce platforms.

Implementation of Lease-Commerce solution will allow leasing company to participate in the rapid and continuous growth of the e-commerce industry.

It is the right tool for expanding the business to mass-finance low-value items and establishing strongest presence in this market segment.

New way for new business

Full self-service and automation of the financing process make it possible to expand the leasing business to mass-finance low-value items. It brings new type of clients and new possibilities to deepen relations with them.

How Lease-Commerce works?

Leasing offer calculation

When the item is selected in the online store, customer calculates the leasing installment in the chosen leasing offer calculator. Right away he knows the monthly leasing rate with selected parameters.

Selection of the offer variant

Having calculated the leasing conditions, the client decides whether he wants to obtain financing. Additional services or insurance that may be added at this point of transaction.

Submission of a leasing application

The client completes a simple online application providing the data necessary to issue a financing decision. A quick, automated process allows him to finalize the contract.

Electronic singing of a contract

Issuing a decision generates a lease agreement and presents its content for reading. The final contract is ready for a digital signature.

Placing an order for an asset

The last step of the process is to place an order so the online store could send the item to the customer. The leasing company indicates the address specified by the customer as the place of delivery.

An asset shipped to the client

In the end, the customer receives the item financed by the leasing company. Confirmation or receipt of the asset makes the leasing contract fully active.

The future of the leasing

Lease-Commerce is a tool designed entirely for leasing companies. Its goal is to adapt the leasing financing to modern, more digitized times. Thanks to this solution, granting financing becomes quick, simple, and does not require personal meetings, phone calls, or paper documents flow.

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