February 2023

How did Santander provide leasing customers with 24/7 remote access and service management?

Santander Leasing offers financing services covering a wide range of fixed assets that customers in the SME sector and corporate clients need. The company’s focus has always been on providing quality services, as well as Ailleron. That’s why we were eager to start this cooperation and figure out how to ensure proper after-sales customer service using digital channels. Our goal with Santander Leasing was to provide self-service opportunities to its customers and clients via a dedicated portal available 24/7.

Santander Leasing’s expectations included simplifying the sign-in process, self-service activities, access to a payment gateway, and enabling the use of electronic signatures. Finally, Ailleron proposed a solution, LeaseTech Customer Platform, that streamlines and automates the customer service process. After implementing the LeaseTech Customer Platform, the Santander Leasing team quickly noticed an increase in online payments.

Read more about this cooperation. Download the pdf file here!

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