Front Office

The way to make your business effective. This comprehensive sales platform provides a competitive edge, increases capabilities and enables timely implementation of innovative sales strategies.

Sales processes made smooth and trouble-free

Our IT solution is tailored to the needs of external sales networks thanks to the convergence of breakthrough technologies and extensive experience cooperating with diverse leasing companies.


Maximize your efficiency and simplify sales processes within your organization while easily managing complex, independent sales structures. Strengthen your market position and elevate your partners' brands. Be a leader, not a follower.

Unleash your sales and operations processes

Leading-edge, user-friendly IT tools that enhance your professional image and help you rise above your competitors.

Intuitive dashboard

All vital information stored and displayed in one place, highlighting progress and status of cases and contractors. Perfectly constructed to maximize productivity and optimize work flow.

Modularity and scalability

Decide on the numberd and types of implemented modules-pay for what you get. Modify solutions according to individual requirements and turn proven theory into real-world gains.

Multiple sales channel management

Expand your sales strategy by adjusting this solution to different channels. A proactive approach brings measurable benefits and tangible results.

Sales reports

Generate various types of reports based on your aims. A quick preview of a sales feasibility plan helps to deploy an appropriate strategy.

Dictionaries & parameters

Constitute a basic configuration of the system. Add new dictionaries and manage dictionary items, the configuration applies globally, i.e. every user, every product.


Customized user notifications available on users’ dashboards. Establish priorities and specify user target groups when sending certain types of messages.

Advantages for Leasing Companies

LeaseTech Front Office assumes responsibility for routine and repetitive activities, automating these elements so that salespeople can focus their time and energy on creating new business.

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