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Keep your customers close with this fully automated sales and customer service channel, specifically designed for the leasing industry.

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A self-managing communication access

LeaseTech Customer Platform is a modern, ergonomic and agile system created to support your customers in managing their leasing products and services.

Benefits for your company

Discover a vast number of features which promote effortless communication, efficient self-service and meaningful up-selling. This platform significantly reduces expenses and generates additional income. 

Benefits for your clients

We provide your customers easy access to all information and services directly connected to their ongoing and completed leasing contracts.


Platform saves time significantly, as all issued can be solved online instead of visiting a branch ​or calling a contact center.

Increased customer satisfaction

Let LeaseTech Customer Platform become an essential element of your strategy for building positive customer experiences and strong, long-lasting relationships with your clients.

Captivating dashboard

The platform’s home page displays the most crucial information and recommends the most useful actions. The clear presentation and relevant access guarantee productive navigation.

An authority on lease agreements

The platform offers a general overview along with detailed analysis of lease agreements. The intuitive, advanced search engine assures obtaining information is quick and easy.

An eye on payments

Easy integration between the platform and online payment services means clients have easy access to essential information about current liabilities, delays, history and future payment schedules.

Practical and interactive forms

Clearly presented and easy to follow forms that enable clients to change conditions, extend contracts or change schedules. Information about current status of applications, as well as a detailed service history, is provided.

Expected notifications

Subscription-based notifications encourage clients to proactively subscribe to messages about key developments or upcoming, important events. The notifications are displayed in the portal and can also be sent via email or SMS.

Relevant offers

Nowadays, customers expect personalized content targeted to their specific needs. This convenient solution combines the intimate experience of personalized, expert service with the speed of instantaneous reaction time.

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