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How did Santander provide leasing customers with 24/7 remote access and service management?

Santander Leasing offers financing services covering a wide range of fixed assets that customers in the SME sector…

How did BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions provide their clients with seamless, self-service communication?

Our business partner, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions,  was looking for a proven solution that would provide end customers with quick access…

Ailleron’s experts on leasing industry performance in the context of FinTech solutions

It is worth noting that such good results in the leasing industry are also a consequence of technological…

Top 5 challenges in e-leasing for 2022. What’s going on in FinTech

Today, the Polish leasing industry is one of the most modern in Europe. In a short period of…

Santander Leasing & Ailleron Cooperation. How Was An Innovative Leasing Solution Created? [INTERVIEW]

Adrian Kaczmarek is the Head of Digital Sales for Santander Leasing Polska. As an experienced manager and product…

5 things to power up your leasing business on the Internet – part 3/3

It’s time for the third part of our blogpost about factors powering the leasing business on the Internet….

5 things to power up your leasing business on the Internet – part 2 of 3

In the first edition of the post, we have discussed five key issues for online leasing. These are:…

Millennials are online – can leasing connect to the Internet?

Construction equipment, agricultural machinery and elements of production lines have also found their way to the leasing market….

5 things to power up your leasing business on the Internet – part 1 of 3

What are the challenges lying on the path of such companies and what do they have to do…

How I didn’t lease a bike

Underdeveloped side of leasing  I found THE optimal bike – but it was outside Poland. The solution to this problem seemed obvious –…

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