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Turn on Leasing Online – when, if not now?

Customer Portal was very well received among the customers of the leasing company, and the number of logged…

How I didn’t lease a bike

Underdeveloped side of leasing  I found THE optimal bike – but it was outside Poland. The solution to this problem seemed obvious –…

Online leasing is here to stay. COVID pandemic and changes in customer preferences

Online services on the rise   The value of online services has been growing for years. It is estimated…

Ailleron at Leasing Life Conference and Awards

As an IT company that provides solutions for many industries, Ailleron willingly participates in events dedicated specially to…

LeaseTech keeps the pace in the new reality

LeaseTech on lockdown – first weeks were the key For the whole IT industry lockdown was not only…

Leasing vs COVID

Global changes caused by coronavirus pandemic have an impact both on our everyday lives and the condition of…

E-commerce – an upcoming challenge for the leasing industry

In 2019, the leasing industry saw a constantly re-emerging trend of enriching the existing channels used for reaching…

Predictions on the leasing industry’s 2019 end of year results

Evaluation of the first half-year results, presented by the Polish Leasing Association, does not offer a definitive picture…

The Leasing Industry’s ‘To Do List’

Additionally, the needs of other market participants, whether customers, agents and leasing agents, remain unfulfilled. This is an…

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