October 2020

Ailleron at E-Leasing Day 3.0

Like every year, but this time online, Ailleron will join the E-Leasing Day 3.0 conference, organized by the Polish Leasing Association October 22-23. E-Leasing Day 3.0 is an event consolidating the industry. It is held by Group on Digitization operating as a part of Polish Leasing Association.

The theme of this year’s edition is project management. The program of the conference includes a series of presentations of specific implementations introduced in cooperation with technology companies in organizations operating on the financial market. That’s why we are very happy that, along with our guests, we will have an opportunity to lead the opening discussion panel called#agile #technology #leasing_in_4_perspectives”.

Let’s meet!
22 October at 12:30-13:30

The panel will be chaired by Kamil Portka, General Manager at Ailleron for the LeaseTech Product Unit. He gained his extensive work experience both in a leasing company, where he was responsible for, among others, the implementation of projects, and in a technological company providing modern digital solutions. Working for 6 years at Ailleron, he is responsible for software implementations (including sales tools, customer portals) for the largest leasing companies in Poland and manages the work of a team of approx. 50 people providing the above-mentioned solutions. 

Our guests will be: 

Marcin T. Zakrzewski – CTO – GEFA BANK in Germany (Société Générale Group). He has more than 20 years of experience in IT and leasing industry as project manager, SCRUM Master, Product Owner and Agile Coach, successfully managing projects for Deutsche Börse, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom and one of the top asset financing companies in Germany – GEFA Bank.

Jarosław Żurek Managing Director responsible for projects and systems in Santander Leasing Polska.

Robert SzpunarProject Manager / Product Owner in Department of Products and Processes in PKO Leasing, where he has been working for 4 years. He was involved with the leasing industry for 14 years.

Piotr Pycia – SCRUM Master at Ailleron SA. He has 12 years of experience in the IT industry, of which he has spent the last 8 years improving the management of IT teams as a Project Manager. He continues his career as a SCRUM Master supporting both clients and internal departments at Ailleron in IT projects for the financial industry (banking and leasing). 

We invite you to the conference and to direct contact and chat with our representative! 

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