Open architecture

fully omnichannel and open platform

Onboard microservices strategy

Communicating with digital channels through a well-defined API, the platform has a clearly separated back-end area, responsible for business logic, data persistence and integration with internal banking systems.


Provides a clear separation between back-end area and front-end applications. The APIs are published to frontend apps through API Gateway.


Open architecture allows clients to gain access to the platform through the most convenient channel and to continue business processes at any time.


Breaks monolithic architecture into separate business containers, having its internal business logic hidden behind a well-defined integration API.


Thanks to these architectural principles, technical changes in one module don’t affect other modules. Moreover, it simplifies the support and maintenance of the platform.

Cost effectiveness

Using the same set of APIs with different channels creates more opportunities to complete a given process, regardless of the digital channel used.

Never before seen efficiency

As it excels with processing massive amounts of data, this is the ultimate tool for dealing with thousands of daily transactions, optimizing work and increasing productivity.

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