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Mobile Banking – A completely new way of doing banking in a business’ world

What does it mean “to be mobile” in the business world? Mobile banking is the 2nd most important…

Liquidity management. What tools do the companies really need?

Liquidity management: how it works? The definition of liquidity states that it is an ability to meet cash…

Explore the opportunities of mobile banking in our webinar!

Why mobile banking for corporate customers? Mobile applications are widely used all around the world. Nearly all of…

Platform banking – the future of corporate financial services

Platform banking – what is it? Platform banking is a digital marketplace used by the customers of the…

Banking for SMEs: hidden opportunities for growth

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) account for up to 99% of all the companies in Europe. Even though…

Ailleron joins SME Banking Club Conference

What is SME Banking Club Conference? SME Banking Club is an annual event where both bankers and Fintech…

Microservices architecture as the best way to build omnichannel platform

Microservice vs monolithic architecture: what’s the difference? In general, there are two basic strategies of system development: monolithic…

Customer relations in banking: what has changed during pandemic?

Business relations vs coronavirus: defining the problem Until now, business relations maintenance was tied to bank’s branches. Documents…

Going mobile in a corporate world

Matter of perspective Standing out of the crowd is one of the most important goals for any bank….

The innovative corporate banking platform for DNB Bank Polska S.A.

DNB On is an answer to growing customer needs that enhances everyday work, connects functionality, showcases the latest…

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