June 2020

Going mobile in a corporate world

Financial technologies record a rapid growth all around the world, as mobile technologies spread further than ever. However, corporate customers rarely decide to use those solutions. Yet they are the most valuable target audience in the industry that is waiting to be reached by financial institutions. Thus, we have to ask ourselves: how to meet the needs of corporations and become their partner?

Matter of perspective

Standing out of the crowd is one of the most important goals for any bank. Many financial institutions try to achieve it by implementing various systems and platforms. However, in some cases they are not compatible with each other, causing a variety of problems that customers may encounter. In the same time banks do not focus on corporate needs, offering companies the tools dedicated for individual customers in order to reduce the costs of digitalization. That approach causes further decrease in satisfaction levels among corporations and companies.

The goals of corporate customers are much simpler: they expect banks to provide them with intuitive and accessible financial solutions implemented in a safe and reliable environment dedicated for businesses. They also need an unlimited access to their financial data and a catalogue of available financial services with detailed descriptions. Still, they do not have the means to achieve this objective, as many financial institutions do not have the tools suited to the needs of corporations. Fortunately, mobile corporate banking can change that.

Mobile banking for business: high expectations and high hopes

According to the Oracle report, more than half of respondents felt that offering end-to-end, fully compliant, seamless transactions is the key to meeting CX objectives, while more than 75% of them use both manual and digital environments in their everyday work. Our corporate mobile banking platform is a perfect tool for the neglected target audiences, as it includes every feature that is required by businesses.

First of all, mobile banking improves customer experience. With such an app, businesses do not have to reach the advisors or branches during working hours – they have all the services they need in the palm of their hands. Payments, account, profile and overdraft management, identification: those are only a few of the features included in this platform. All of them help corporate customers achieve their everyday goals.

Mobile banking can also be beneficial for the banks themselves. Corporate platforms can help financial institutions maintain the relationship with their customers through a variety of tools, including notifications and 24/7 service. Such solutions also allow advisors to access customer’s history of actions and conversations, simplifying the communication between bank’s representatives and businesses. Those tools could directly lead to increased satisfaction and improved loyalty, resulting in growing profits.

What is more, those tools can also help financial institutions predict their customers’ behavior. Over 38% of banks claim to have significant problems with this issue, despite it being easy to avoid. Mobile banking platforms can help the providers of banking services gather and process the data provided by corporate users. This allows us to identify and support customers during important milestones and tailor bank’s interactions to their expectations in the right time for such an action. Such advancements create yet another opportunity for improvement in financial sectors.

The future is now

According to the Oracle, 48% of all the responding businesses claim that seamless, end-to-end transactions could help them achieve their goals. The time for this digital transformation has finally come, as more and more corporate customers look for online solutions for their finances. Mobile banking is a tool that allows them to achieve their goals and take another step into the future.

However, online services are not only the future of customers, but also the future of banks. Their customers – including the corporate ones – are no longer waiting in queues in branches; they no longer seek for advisors’ help. They expect banks to provide them with online, mobile services wherever and whenever they are, making business easier than ever before. Wasting another week, month or year is not an option – the future of digital corporate banking begins right now.

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