New era of Corporate and
Business Banking

A team of accountants with their CFO can now improve their digital experience and streamline on a daily basis thanks to the internet banking app powered by Ailleron.

Your bank and all banking products dedicated for corporate clients

Are now available in the internet banking application powered by Ailleron. Moreover, it’s not about the sole access, but also automating business processes and streamlining day-to-day activities of accountants in cooperation with your bank. By using modules of Ailleron’s Corporate and Business Banking Platform you can build the most convenient environment for cooperation between your staff and your corporate and business clients.

Variety of features

Full spectrum of banking products and services available in Ailleron’s internet banking creates pure digital environment for day-to-day cooperation between banks and their corporate and business clients.

End-to-end business processes

We are taking care of end-to-end process even if internet banking powered by Ailleron is only a part of it.Thus, we enable creation of digital experience simplifying customer journey through banking products.

Responsive Web Design

Internet banking adjusted to customer’s device is a standard for e-commerce, not for banking application. The platform powered by Ailleron is adjusted to the client’s screen anytime he needs it.

Configuration and customization

Corporate clients are the most demanding ones. They need fully customized products for their day-to-day actions. They are used to define dedicated approval workflows or their own import files structure because of different ERP systems on company’s side.


Access to sensitive data is granted only after user’s identity has been confirmed with at least 2 different factors. Our platform has been tested and validated by multiple security audits and it is compliant with OWASP ASVS L3 checklist.

Technical features

Microservices architecture enables independent enhancement of each business module. It increases flexiblility and causes rapid system growth.

MVP and extra modules - configure like you wish

Each bank has different business model and it addresses corporate client’s expectations differently. We have prepared a set of packages for you to choose what you need for your corporate clients.

Trade Finance

Full scope of trade products, e.g. letter of credits, guarantees, documentary collections, discount products available to digitize trade processes (digital documents acceptance/rejection, negotiation of guarantee wording, payments under collection, Trust receipt or Packing credit and others)

Loan management

All necessary options covering complete loan life cycle starting from new loan application, through signing a remote agreement and drawing and tranches management, up to loan repayment.

Cash Pooling

Accounts structure management with review of the balances

Open API

All information about bank’s products in one app with possibility to manage them remotely

Virtual Accounts

Supporting huge telecoms or energy suppliers by simplifying reconciliation of thousands incoming payments.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Complete financial overview and predictions based on:

  • current bank’s products balances (e.g. accounts, L/C payments, treasury transactions, custody transactions)
  • integration with ERP systems and other banks with open API’s (PSD2 in Europe)

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