Corporate and Business
Banking Platform

Different needs and expectations – all addressed in one digital banking platform

Looking for a reliable partner in digital business?

Our omnichannel, multiproduct digital banking platform, built with an intelligent modular structure, enables banks and their corporate and business clients to automate business processes while providing a meaningful digital experience.

Corporate and Business Banking Platform

Benefits for your clients

  • Designed to enhance businesses of all sizes
  • Empowers clients by giving a wider range of options and increased control
  • Provides greater accessibility to multiple banking products
  • Optimizes transactional processes
  • Created using cutting-edge UX technology means this advanced solution is practical and user-friendly

Benefits for your staff

  • Allows for rapid response and increased efficiency
  • Generates cross-sell opportunities through intuitive automation
  • Delivers virtual branch capabilities
  • Accelerates IT development with Open API marketplace feature
  • Upgrades seamlessly through ready-made modules

Putting the proper tool in your corporate clients' hands

Implementing this innovative platform enables a bank to strengthen productivity while managing diverse, comprehensive requirements. Differentiating this offer from all others is its unrivaled ability to raise corporate revenues, improve customer service and attract new clients.

  • Optimize Business Processes
  • Rich functionality
  • State of the art security
  • Open API


by tailoring to clients of different business sizes (from SMEs to corporations) with features such as Cash Management, Trade Finance and Treasury operations.

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Managing Banking Products
Defining Approval Workflows
Digitalization of trade operations


that creates new end-to-end customer journeys accessible from one platform that supports banks and their business clients alike.

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State of the art security

by access to data (privileges according to user’s role within the company) with transactions processed via multilevel approval workflows and dedicated authorization tools

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Open API

with standardized Open API, giving clients and bank staff access to each channel and building fully omichannel platform.

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accounts in one
logins daily
payments in a single
users in 2020
in South Asia only

Keep fingers on the financial pulse

With Ailleron’s Corporate and Business Banking platform features it is an easy task. Accounts are aggregated and presented in graphical form no matter how big their number is. Treasurers can manage the company’s financial situation effortlessly. Ailleron’s platform accelerates the cost efficiency and automation of business processes and brings completely new digital business models to the financial industry.

Handling large volumes of customers

Big and small players in the financial industry need a dedicated solution with efficiency and scalability at the highest level. The growth of a companies’ numbers brings opportunites, not issues. Even if many users log into Ailleron’s Corporate and Business Banking simultaneously, there is no disruption in terms of access and they can use the platform with ease.

Supreme performance

Even the biggest companies can conveniently operate Ailleron’s Corporate and Business Banking. It is the key to successfully turning traditional banking practices into a forward-thinking, digitized strategy that fulfills the needs and expectations of the modern banking customer. Let’s start your digital journey with Ailleron’s Corporate and Business Banking platform to win the digital race.

How to deal with such an amount of clients?

The most developed region in the world requires a strategic approach, bearing in mind the cultural differences and increasing needs of businesses in Asia. As the region becomes more and more automated and digital, a winning approach in the digital era is to give banks’ clients a platform that automates their cooperation with banks. Try Ailleron’s Corporate and Business Banking platform and be the first with a complete omnichannel business banking solution.

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