Digital Onboarding

Full digital finalization of onboarding processes

Effective Onboarding

Turn prospective customers into loyal customers in a matter of minutes, without the need to visit a branch or wait for a courier. After a quick onboarding, customers can enjoy instant access to products and features.

Application forms

An intuitive, forward-thinking tool allows bank employees to create and operate ergonomic online forms while the business process management platform allows the modelling, monitoring and managing of entire sales processes.


Face biometric mechanisms compare customer selfies with ID and passport photos.

Document authenticity

A set of document verification including MRZ check, control sums, patterns and document features.

Database verification

Verification of customers with a bank’s internal databases (eg. KYC, AML, blacklists) and external databases.


A decision engine is responsible for making decision (eg. a doubtful decision) on the basis of all collected information.

Human support

Virtual Agent or backoffice employee support in defined cases (eg. doubtbull decision).

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