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Consumer preferences in retail banking 2022. What do customers want?

What do customer expect from banks in 2022 and beyond? Hardly a day goes by without a report…

The Education of a Chatbot

Suppose we have two categories regarding different insurance questions: life insurance and vehicle insurance.  While obviously they are…

Reflections on Testing Natural Language, NLP and Dealing with Language Peculiarities

Frameworks or platforms that enable the creation of chatbots may have language limits or may be designed for…

Chatbots: The Cutting-Edge Synergy of Human Genius and Imagination with Technological Precision and Efficiency

The most important issue to consider when creating a chatbot is its purpose and function. The range of…

LiveBank Amplified with Conversational AI

Beyond elevating customer outreach and care through convenient accessibility, advanced security and streamlined processes, LiveBank, uniquely on the…

Reading Between the Lines:

To demonstrate this concept, let’s say we are trying to test whether the chatbot understands the concept of…

AI Prompter: Cutting-edge assistance for bank employees and customers

Modern financial institutions face daunting challenges; cut-throat competition, burgeoning regulations and growing demands from customers. In order to…

Artificial Intelligence: The Centrepiece of Modern Customers Service

A Real Solution Translates into Real Results Though first introduced in the 1960s, it was not really until…

Our Platform: The Foundation of Innovative AI-driven Customer Service

Designed by our team, managed by your team

Chatbots: Reach Should Exceed Grasp

Society has been inundated with promises of revolutionary artificial intelligence that can think, act and respond just like…

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