Benefits for your company

Delivering today’s tech-savvy customer the instant results, ease and dependability they expect in forward-thinking AI technology.

Create a meaningful employee experience

The conversational AI we offer not only creates a worthwhile customer experience, but raises your employees to the next AI level, as well. They don’t need to be AI experts, as our intuitive and intelligent admin console, with AI recommendations, will support them through every aspect of chatbot usage.
Conversational AI

Adaptable and flexible

The platform is adjustable to different roles and processes and designed to conform to your internal needs. Each employee involved in chatbot management gets a personalized dashboard with tasks, topics, statistics and suggestions.

Intuitive content creation

Marketers and content writers can generate responses based on AI data collection and tailor responses to suit potential customer interactions.

AI reports, trends and analysis

The analytical benefits derived are immeasurable and when passed on to qualified employees, can lead to unlimited possibilities.

AI observations and guidance

Ongoing training and testing guarantees continuous developement of the chatbot. Every day its' intelligence grows. The internal AI helps your employees take actions and increase bot effectiveness.
Conversational AI
Conversational AI

Smooth integration with IT backend systems

The Ailleron team will support the integration of the solution to your company so that your staff can hit the ground running. The chatbot can be integrated with every system you desire.

Seamless transition to a live agent

You can decide which conversations are conducted by your chatbot and which require human assistance. Inside scoring of conversations can lead to a seamless transition to a customer service agent.

Create your personal conversational AI strategy

  • Assess which business outcomes would benefit most from AI
  • Decide which processes and interactions should be AI managed
  • Create your own unique AI strategy that caters to your situation and your customers
  • Implement strategies which will help achieve your business goals
  • Give your customers the wow factor

How do we work?

Designed by a multidisciplinary team (former bankers, linguists, financial advisors, developers, testers, UX designers and AI specialists) that has covered all the bases and considered all possible perspectives


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