Benefits for the Bank

Our solution takes advantage of data already held by banking systems, so digital banking platforms benefit from AI-powered automations, recommendations, and alerts to generate personalized customer service.

Engage your team and enable new ideas that support digitization & automation

AI Banking engages customers and raises their experience to the next level, increasing their loyalty and creating cross and upselling opportunities.
Conversational AI

Customer engagement

Useful functionalities for budget management and smart automation and the events calendar motivate users to log in more frequently.

Higher conversion rate

Tailored offers and bank services are the key factors boosting sales in digital channels and building extraordinary loyalty levels.

Advanced customer segmentation

A unique approach to customer segmentation, combining financial aspects and behavioral analysis informed by sociologists, to predict customer’s transitions between different segments.

Decreased operational costs

Applying tools like a chatbot, suspect transaction detection or personalized offers converts processes into self-service and decreases the need for human interactions.
Conversational AI
Conversational AI

Smooth integration with IT backend systems

The Ailleron team will support the integration of this solution in your company so your staff can hit the ground running. AI Bank integrates with both internal and external data sources.

Supports omnichannel strategies

Events generated by AI Bank, such as recommendations, can be distributed to customers through different channels, including push, internet, or mobile banking. Also, advisors get hints to offer customers products that suit their needs.

We know how to take advantage of AI in the banking sector

  • A cross-functional team with experience in the banking industry
  • Extensive research to deliver a user-driven approach
  • Expertise in integration of data from multiple sources
  • AI Banking delivers ML models relevant to the banking industry
  • Proven and highly efficient technologies

How do we work?

Designed by a multidisciplinary team that has all bases covered and can consider many perspectives


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